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Welcome to WPF-Controls

Welcome to my website about WPF Controls Programming. I will show you on a number of articles how you can develop your own WPF Controls. Each article is about a WPF Control I developed in the past. I will try to explain as much as possible so that you can understand the concepts behind it.

I hope I can help you to understand WPF concepts like Styles, Control Templates, Data Templates, Triggers, Animation, Dependency Properties, the different categories of WPF Controls, and so on.

On my website I will concentrate on the practice. I think practicing is the best way to learn new things.

I hope you enjoy reading my articles. Maybe they can inspire you for your own work.

If you find errors in my code please let me know.

You are free to use my code to learn and try things out as long as you do it for private use. It is not allowed to use my code in business applications.

The code/software is as-is. You bear the risk of using it.

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